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Launched to help those seeking to improve themselves in all aspects of their lives , The Self Master Series is here to inspire them achieve that goal.The thread to begin this series will be aspects of yourself that you can improve to embark on a successful career working online.

  • Do you have that entrepreneurial spirit and burning desire for success?
  • Is there something inspiring about being your own boss and taking charge of that journey?
  • How about eventually saying goodbye to laboring in a cubicle trading time for money doing something that means very little to you?
  • If this sounds like you,then I believe you will be making a great choice!
  • If this sounds like a journey you wish to begin,then I believe you’ve made a great choice!

Now along those lines,you need to embrace this as a journey. Consider me a partner and fellow traveler on this path. Actually, you will find a whole community of such people here to share every step of the way to your goal of successful online self-employment.People at different levels of success and achievement willing to share their triumphs and failures all to help you succeed.

If you are anything like me, then you may say this sounds too good to be true….and many opportunities for online self employment are. I know as I’ve been down that road..but let me reverse a bit and explain how I came to be here at Wealthy Affiliate and in the process creating The Self Master Series.


A Journey Begins

I actually come from a background in construction. My Father was an entrepreneur of sorts. When I was very young I remember he had a company building homes.I remember back as young as 4 going out to the job sites with him and being around grown men all day trying to emulate the things they did. I learned very early hard work was respected and rewarded .That business of my father’s went bankrupt after a few years but I had come away with a principle I could apply to anything I did…..work hard.

So what does a man with that entrepreneurial spirit do? Start again of course.!This time he began a masonry supply business and yes I was there for the ride. I was probably around 7 or 8 when this came about. The thing about supplying stone etc. for masons is you need to find quarries that have the stone for  particular projects. He traveled everywhere in an old Kenworth tractor trailer to rock quarries where he would split rock out of the hillsides with a sledge hammer and load pallets with stone by hand and boom them onto the truck and off to his clients.

Every June when school was over he would come back to town and my mother would send me with him to work on the road in the quarries with him. I was a 8 years old working for 1.00/hr alone with him.Summers in quarries often working in 100+ degree temperatures from morning till night.I’ll never forget all those days.I’ll never forget rattle snakes nests you disturb when you’re busting rock out of a hillside on a hot day.When I look back on it now it was crazy what we did. This lasted until I was 11 or 12 and my father went back into the welding trade he had learned in the Navy.All of the time on the road had strained my parents relationship and they split up.He re-married , got a union job that he worked until retirement.I stayed living with my mother and sister until finishing high school and a couple years of University. I was disillusioned with school,unsure of where I was going and what I wanted to do or study.I had no burning desire to be there.


A Journey Continues

In the summer  between 2nd and 3rd years of University I got a labor job for a roofing company.I was intending to save some money, go back to school and find a direction for a degree but something happened.Hired on at 6.00 bucks an hour,that work ethic and those experiences I had growing up made me a perfect fit for the tough,dirty nasty and often unforgiving lifestyle the roofing trade presented. By the end of that summer I was up to 9.00/Hr. at a time when minimum wage was 4.35/Hr. I felt good about the hard work. I stuck with it and by the end of the next summer at 12.00/ hr. I was able to strike out on my own. I got my own apartment living with my girlfriend at the time and all was well. This was the summer of 1991.Good Times.


The Spirit Of The Entrepreneur Emerges

Fast forward about 3 years and after getting a good grip on the roofing trade I registered my first Proprietorship. I sub-contracted from companies in town but wasn’t really operating a business..more like a remote employee with people to answer to still. Continuing on I come to realize that self-employment and operating a real business was going to require skills I didn’t have. Sure I knew the trade but what did I know about sales,marketing,hiring,managing,bookkeeping and on and on.

I took a business course online while roofing all day. I began branding my company and growing its presence in my local market. I would measure roofs on my way home from the job sites then write proposals into the night. I would schedule sales meeting for evenings and weekends all the while still working courses in management and sales.

Needless to say it was an all consuming desire to be successful in that arena and all the hard work payed off. I was gainfully self-employed making a good living and employing a good sized crew of men. As a decade passed I found the market changing. The physical toll of years of soul wrenching work was adding up and I knew it was time for a change. Time to move away from seasonal highs and lows. Time to use that entrepreneurial spirit and moved into something that could be done anywhere, anytime in any business or economic climate regardless of my age or physical aptitude.I really felt like an elite athlete reaching the point where they need to “hang ’em up” and move on to the next phase of their life.

A Change of Direction

The time had come to move into the arena of employing myself online.It was time to apply myself to this endeavor just as I had done with my roofing company. From a “brick and mortar” business to one online. It was with this burning desire re-kindled I sought such opportunities and I am so grateful that I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

If you enjoy engaging on social media like Facebook then I suggest you research Wealthy Affiliate  and experience something so unique to the online self-employment world I’m sure you’ll recognize the value such a company presents.

Since I became a member I have been looking forward to my training and interaction on the site so much that I can’t wait to log on in the morning when I get up and jump right back in when I get home from my from 9 to 5 grind.

Again my name is Kevin and I will be your guide through a series of self development areas that we will address  to be truly successful in our online work.

Cheers and I look forward to walking with you to great heights of fulfillment and achievement.


” You never will be the person you can be if pressure,tension,and discipline are taken out of your life”

Dr. James G. Bilkey

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