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The Value of Self Discipline in Life

To truly understand the value of self discipline in our lives, lets take a look at what our lives would be like without it.selfdiscipline

Suppose you are a student.Now lets suppose as a student you decide you don’t want to go to class today because you feel tired. O.K. so you miss a day of class,no big deal. Now how about the next day you decide you really want to go to this party with your friends.You stay out late having fun and the next day you decide not to go to class again.Ah,it’s only two days.No big deal.You go to class the following day and realize you missed a couple critical days leading up to a pop test and now you are completely unprepared.

You scramble around for notes on topics playing catch up,stressing about things you really wouldn’t have to if you just had disciplined yourself to make a couple better decisions in a couple previous moments. It may seem obvious and simple but these are the ways you sabotage yourself each day.

Any and all of us are guilty of this from time to time but some make it a habit to lack self discipline while others make it a habit and so natural that it leads to their ultimate success.Success is unnatural. If it were natural then more people would achieve it.You must defer the gratification of basic likes and dislikes and this takes discipline.self discipline

If successful people are moved by the desire for pleasing results then failures are motivated by the desire for pleasing methods and less the results.When you have a purpose strong enough to make you form the habit of doing the things others won’t do then you are tapping into your own self discipline. It takes self discipline to achieve your desired results in the way that leads to the best results not the easiest way to achieve the results.Failures will accept mediocre results as long as what they do to achieve them is pleasant.

For more on the subject I have provided a link for those of you looking to pursue the avenue of self discipline further in your quest for success in your life.
120x123 Miracle of Self-Discipline


Famous Quotes on Learning

One of the prime reasons I began this site was to provide resources to help guide and inspire people. I often love to keep a good quote in my head   and try remembering it throughout the day. One area I feel we can always invest our time in is learning and so it is I wish to start the series of inspiration quotes with famous quotes on learning.

Did you know that:

  • The best students have the most fun?
  • People who do the least are the least happy?
  • The minute you stop learning,the world begins to pass you by?

    If we continue to learn,then we keep ourselves in touch with an ever changing world around us. The faster it moves the faster we can adapt to changing circumstances. The more we continue to learn the younger we can stay in our minds…the more we can contribute to new generations and spur them on without holding them back.

I for one hope to maintain my faculties of mind until the day I die so I can be learning every step of the way!

So take these famous quotes on learning with you.Make them your own.Implement them in your life and share them with others to enrich their lives.

The learning and knowledge that we have is at the most but little compared with that we are ignorant.


If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin


The Power of Self Confidence

There is magic in believing. Once someone believes they can do something,they can actually do it. However,we are often so full of doubts and suspicions of our own abilities under regular circumstances that we function well below our potential.the power of self confidence

Most of us perform below our below our capabilities all because we are lacking faith in ourselves. If we could just remove all doubts about our abilities then we would achieve wondrous things regularly in our lives.

If we maintain a healthy attitude to our world around us recognizing our short comings as a normal part of being human instead of hating ourselves for them and resenting our weaknesses then we can admire others for their talents and capabilities without envying them.


Where Do We Find Self-Confidence?the power of self-confidence

We will find it within. When we come to know that everyone is a blend of strengths and weaknesses,then the healthiest most intelligent thing we can do is to make use of the best we have to offer. The experts contend that all of us have a great store of ability that we commonly fail to use.

We are failing to use these talents because we are wasting time trying to be like others who can no more be like us then we like them. We need to remember that other people have feelings of inferiority too.Each and every one of  them experiences doubts in some area of their lives to some degree. Again,this is part of what makes us human.

If we can focus on the things that take our minds away from ourselves rather than trying to match the strong points of others,then we will grow in our belief of our own abilities and the power of our self confidence will snowball.


How To Grow Self-Confidence

Ultimately,to grow Self-Confidence, we need to recognize the things we excel at;the things we do naturally that we can lose ourselves in. We need to ask ourselves if what we are doing is where we would prefer to be than any place else. Would we do what we do whether it made us any money or not?

If we can put ourselves into a place where we can maximize the use of our talents then we will experience more success and our growth of Self-Confidence will surely follow. If we are involved with the thing we truly love to do,then it will become simple to dedicate ourselves wholly to what we do. We will take more care,more thought,more practice and more effort to become really good at it.

We all know that we are capable of doing amazing things but we need to learn how to believe in ourselves.Simply because we lack faith in ourselves we frequently perform far below our capabilities. We can change this.the power of self-confidence

  • Find what you love to.

  • Work harder at it then anyone else.

  • Believe in your ability.

  • Remove all doubt that you will succeed.

  • Know Thyself

Confidence Imparts a Wondrous Inspiration to its Possessor


Self Development for Online Success

Why Consider Self Development For Online Success?self development for online success

Perhaps this is a question you’ve never asked yourself while working toward you goal of online success.Maybe you’ve never asked it of yourself at all but I’m going to suggest you do.

Let me start be defining self-improvement in a way that I would like you to understand what it means to me and how it may be one of the most important assets we can invest in to achieve success in the online business environment: Improvement of one’s mind,body, character and spirit through one’s own conscious efforts.

What do Any of These Qualities Have to do With Succeeding Online?

Let’s start with the mind.

For many a shift to working online will be completely new.There will be new technologies to embrace and to work with.There will be new terminologies to remember and understand.

The way we were taught to write in school isn’t always the best way to reach people online and make connections. In many ways your mind will have to unlearn old ways of thinking to learn and incorporate the things that work in a web based internet business model.

So in this way it will be very important to train your mind to be open and receptive to new ideas and concepts and remain open because revolutions of thought and ideas are happening every day. Those who can ease their minds and accept inevitable change will be those on the forefront of success in an ever growing online business environment producing new opportunities every second of every day.

The minute you stop learning is when the world begins to pass you by.Learn all you can,and keep learning whether you are 18 or 80.To learn or not to learn is a decision each of us must make. This is why your conscious effort to develop your mind will pay dividends while you strive for online achievement.

“An investment in knowledge always pays the best dividends”

Benjamin Franklin

How about the body?

Well what does the body have to do with your making money online and how does that affect your success? How many times have you asked someone how they feel in the morning and the inevitable response is “I’m tired “?

Have you noticed how you gear up for a task,proceed into the task and when you hit a wall say “that’s enough and quit? Also, have you ever noticed that when an unusual necessity forces you to go on that at some critical point all the fatigue will pass away and you find yourself gaining momentum?

You have tapped into the bodies private reserve of energy beyond fatigue. If you force yourself to make greater demands on yourself you will find you have more energy to apply to the effort required to build and maintain a thriving online empire.

” Vigor is contagious;and whatever makes us either think or feel strongly adds to our power and enlarges our field of action”



To Sum Up Self Development for Online Success

For now let us just say that you will need a strong conviction from your mind and body to apply a serious effort to learning new things and continuing to learn if you are to become successful running an online business.You will need to draw upon mental and physical reserves to push through the inevitable hurdles you will encounter on the path to operating your online business. You will also need a little help along the way and be able to recognize the right opportunities when they come your way.One such opportunity you may wish to investigate can be found here at Wealthy Affiliate

Please drop me a line with any questions I may be able to answer and I will see you on the inside, Kevin

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