Famous Quotes on Learning

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One of the prime reasons I began this site was to provide resources to help guide and inspire people. I often love to keep a good quote in my head   and try remembering it throughout the day. One area I feel we can always invest our time in is learning and so it is I wish to start the series of inspiration quotes with famous quotes on learning.

Did you know that:

  • The best students have the most fun?
  • People who do the least are the least happy?
  • The minute you stop learning,the world begins to pass you by?

    If we continue to learn,then we keep ourselves in touch with an ever changing world around us. The faster it moves the faster we can adapt to changing circumstances. The more we continue to learn the younger we can stay in our minds…the more we can contribute to new generations and spur them on without holding them back.

I for one hope to maintain my faculties of mind until the day I die so I can be learning every step of the way!

So take these famous quotes on learning with you.Make them your own.Implement them in your life and share them with others to enrich their lives.

The learning and knowledge that we have is at the most but little compared with that we are ignorant.


If a man empties his purse into his head, no one can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.

Benjamin Franklin


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  1. My favorite admonition from my dad:

    “There’s an old adage that says you learn something new every day, but I believe it’s wrong. So much happens in any given day that if you are not learning two or three new things … you’re just not paying attention.”

    I have kept that in my heart for decades and feel he was absolutely right. More happens in a mere hour than we can ever comprehend. The curiosity of learning new things or taking things apart to I can fully understand them has never left me. That quest for understanding has given me an edge at work, play, and relationships.

    I am forever stunned at those who seem to feel no need.

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