The Value of Self Discipline in Life

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To truly understand the value of self discipline in our lives, lets take a look at what our lives would be like without it.selfdiscipline

Suppose you are a student.Now lets suppose as a student you decide you don’t want to go to class today because you feel tired. O.K. so you miss a day of class,no big deal. Now how about the next day you decide you really want to go to this party with your friends.You stay out late having fun and the next day you decide not to go to class again.Ah,it’s only two days.No big deal.You go to class the following day and realize you missed a couple critical days leading up to a pop test and now you are completely unprepared.

You scramble around for notes on topics playing catch up,stressing about things you really wouldn’t have to if you just had disciplined yourself to make a couple better decisions in a couple previous moments. It may seem obvious and simple but these are the ways you sabotage yourself each day.

Any and all of us are guilty of this from time to time but some make it a habit to lack self discipline while others make it a habit and so natural that it leads to their ultimate success.Success is unnatural. If it were natural then more people would achieve it.You must defer the gratification of basic likes and dislikes and this takes discipline.self discipline

If successful people are moved by the desire for pleasing results then failures are motivated by the desire for pleasing methods and less the results.When you have a purpose strong enough to make you form the habit of doing the things others won’t do then you are tapping into your own self discipline. It takes self discipline to achieve your desired results in the way that leads to the best results not the easiest way to achieve the results.Failures will accept mediocre results as long as what they do to achieve them is pleasant.

For more on the subject I have provided a link for those of you looking to pursue the avenue of self discipline further in your quest for success in your life.
120x123 Miracle of Self-Discipline


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